Investor's problem

Investors worldwide seek to achieve stable absolute returns uncorrelated with equity market moves and overall business cycle. The main challenge for investors is to choose the most efficient and at the same time sufficiently adequate investments taking into account the whole portfolio and investments expectations and needs. To this end they move to alternative asset classes, often taking excessive risks associated with only direct exposure. The task of efficient diversification and achieving uncorrelated positive returns is even more challenging when markets are volatile and completely new asset classes are introduced to the formerly well-known investment spectrum, eg. volatility assets a few years ago.

Our solution

We focus on delivering complete investment solution for institutions and individuals who are interested in highly diversified portfolio providing exposure on classical and other type of assets on the level of the same investment solutions.


  • Miscellaneous sources of revenues coming from diversified structure of assets under management:
    • Regulated futures and options on every class of assets quoted on regulated markets across the world,
    • New types of assets e.g. volatility
  • Optimal legal and tax structure enabling investors to participate in profits of separate investment companies on the level of hedge fund
  • Diversified structure of main revenues inside one investment company:
    • Conventional hedge fund on regulated markets
    • Market making and algorithmic investment strategies
  • Reliable subdepositary institution
  • Unique knowledge and experience in automated trading on regulated
  • and OTC markets